Monday, November 13, 2017

Why I Heart Sansa Stark


I started watching Game of Thrones as a 21 year old senior in college. I sat in my college apartment watching alone then, and now I watch as a 26 year old in my house with my husband and two dogs so I feel like as the characters have evolved and grown up, so have I. I grew so attached to the characters and the emotional roller coaster that was life in Westeros that despite the often heart-wrenching deaths and tear-inducing moments, I stuck by the GoT crew and kept watching. I am a super nerd when it comes to this show, often staying up wayyyy too late searching Reddit for ideas, theories, and answers. I'm that person. While I have many favorite ladies and gentlemen on the show (most being Northern), there is one in particular that I feel deserves special recognition for her growth as a character and as a woman over the many seasons.


Sansa Stark.
Sassy, stubborn, and strong.

Here is a short list of why Sansa is so awesome:

1. Her fashion sense. 
She makes her own clothing. She pulls ideas and influence from her surroundings and I love watching her clothing change as she does. It is interesting to watch as Sansa's dresses mimick the people closest to her and draw from her emotions. For a character often pushed into each new phase of her life and rarely asked for her opinion, she chooses style to express herself when words aren't an option. As she has grown up and experienced the cruelty that life has thrown at her, she has become stronger and a little a lot darker- which I love- and her clothing has grown along with her. She is no longer a little girl in classic young lady clothing, but a leader in battle-ready kick-ass gear.
2. Her hair.
Maybe I changed my hair to red to be like Sansa (and The Little Mermaid and Merida). Maybe not, we will never know.

3. Her Family First attitude.
While I really didn't care for the Sansa-Arya conflict plot line this season, I did however love that it came full circle with the extremely satisfying death of Little Finger. I enjoyed that so much that I rewatched it the next that weird? The sisterly duo proved that no on can mess with their bond and that family will always come first for the Starks.
4. Her leadership.
Sansa used to be a spoiled young girl interested in marrying a king. She had her head often in the clouds, as she was raised with fairy tales and privilege. But, she learned the responsibility and the darkness that can come with power by standing in the shadows of some of the show's most power-hungry characters. She saw that in Cersei, she saw it in Joffrey, and she saw it in Ramsay. She also saw the danger that comes with a crown or a title, after learning of her brother's and mother's brutal deaths. Sansa knows more about what NOT to do in positions of power than any other character and she has used that knowledge to become a respected figure, commanding the North as Lady of Winterfell with confidence while Jon has been away. Jon, and the rest of the Winterfell gang, sees her as a strong commander and that says a lot about how far Sansa has come from her preteen beginnings at the start of the series.
5. Her determination. 
A dedicated woman of the North, Sansa is not one to back down or give up. She was married off twice, she saw her father beheaded, she lost most of her family, she survived the worst relationships ever. She could have given up so many times but she didn't. She is a heroine to keep watching and my personal favorite #girlboss.

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